1. What is an e-ticket? How does it work? What are the benefits?

An electronic ticket is a paperless ticket, your booking details are automatically saved in the airline reservation system. An electronic ticket works just like a paper ticket, to get your boarding pass you must still go to the airline check-in desk. Although most airlines now offer online check-in and give you the option to print your boarding pass. We recommend you check with the airline to avoid paying high check-in fees at the airport.

2. What are the luggage restrictions and fees?

Regular Airlines: Luggage allowances vary by airline, airfare and/or route. While some airlines may offer a free luggage allowance, some airlines may charge an extra fee. Please check the baggage allowance with the airline. Low Cost Airlines: Most low-cost airlines do not include baggage in their airfares, unless it is added while making the booking with the corresponding luggage fee. Generally passengers are allowed to carry one item of hand luggage through airport security (dimensions and weight restrictions vary). We recommend that you check the baggage allowance with the airline. Sharp objects, such as knives or scissors, are not allowed in hand luggage and all bags are subject to search.

3. Can I change or cancel my flight?

For low-cost flights you must contact the airline directly. Please note that VersionOne Travels cannot make changes or cancellations on these type of airfares. For regular flights, please send a cancellation or amendment request to section of our website and we will get back to you with the terms and condition of your booked airfare. Please note that VersionOne Travels booking fees are non-refundable. For flight changes VersionOne Travels will charge a fee in addition to the corresponding airline fee. Once we inform you about the cost of changing or cancelling your flight booking, you must reply to us by e-mail indicating if you wish to go ahead with the modification or cancellation. Please note that airlines do not permit name changes. Warning: For round-trip tickets on regular flights, if the outbound flight is not used, the return leg will automatically be cancelled by the airline. We recommend you to take a travel insurance to cover any cancellation or modification costs.

4. How early should I arrive at the airport?

If you are checking in at the airport you must ensure you have enough time to queue at the check-in desk, go through airport security and get to the boarding gate. For domestic flights we recommend you check-in 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time and three hours before for international flights. You may want to allow extra time if you're travelling out of a major airport during peak periods. Please check with the airline.

5. Where can I check the Airline's general conditions?

The general conditions can be found in a link on the payments page. You are required to read and accept them to be able to confirm your booking. If you have any questions or doubts please contact us before making the payments.

6. Do I need to confirm the flight departure time?

Occasionally flight timings are modified by the airline. We recommend you double check the departure time 48 hours before the scheduled time of departure. For low-cost flights, please check directly with the airline as they occasionally make slight last minute changes. In almost all cases low cost airlines do inform passengers via e-mail. In our experience. Usually, the best pricing for around-the-world and complex itineraries is available at least 4 – 6 months before your travel dates. For regular flights, VersionOne Travels will inform you of any changes by e-mail, SMS or telephone. You can also check your flight departure time with the corresponding airline or through the following online link. https://www.checkmytrip.com

7. Is luggage included in the price of low-cost flights?

No, luggage is not included. If you wish to check-in luggage you must indicate the number of suitcases during the booking process. The system will automatically recalculate the new price according to the number of suitcases. If you forgot to add baggage during the booking process you may be able add it at a later date through the airline website or directly at the airport (please note you will be charged extra).

8. What documents do I need in order to travel?

You will always be required to provide a valid form of identification (Passport or other valid form of ID, with your photograph included). Please note you may need a visa or additional documents depending on where you are travelling. IT IS YOUR RESPONSABILITY TO ENSURE YOU HAVE ALL THE NECESSARY DOCUMENTS TO TRAVEL TO YOUR CHOSEN DESTINATION. You will not be entitled to a refund if you are denied boarding due to invalid documents.

9. What payment methods does VersionOne Travel accept?

We offer you the following payment methods: -Debit and Credit card payment (Visa, Verve, Mastercard) -Bank Transfer

10. How do I get my boarding pass?

You will get your boarding pass when you check-in for your flight online or at the airport. You will sometimes find direct links to the airline's website along with your airline reference number in your confirmation e-mail. Once logged in you will be able to check-in online and print your boarding pass. You can also get your boarding pass at the airport during check-in. Please note that some airlines charge extra for airport check-in.

11. What is included in the flight fare?

The flight fare includes: The base fare of the flight based on the type of fare and class booked. Airport taxes which are charged by airlines/airports and depend on the origin and destination airport, the type of flight etc. The Admin charges from VersionOne Travels which are non refundable. Other charges that some companies apply eg: extra baggage, credit card or seat reservation or online invoicing.

12. How do I know if my booking was completed successfully?

Once you have made the booking on our website, your reference number will be displayed along with details of your selected service. You will receive an immediate e-mail confirmation including your booking details and cancellation policy. You can also check the status of your booking online through "My Bookings". If we are unable to issue your e-ticket due to a payment problem, you will receive an e-mail informing you of the reason. Please check your email account until you receive the second email confirming your booking.

13. Which is the minimum age for children to travel alone?

It all depends on the airline, but generally for Scheduled flights: Children under 5 years old cannot travel alone; they must always be accompanied by an adult. Children from 5 to 12 years old can travel alone, but will always need to request the accompanied minor service, subject to availability. Most airlines allow children from 12 to 15 years old to travel alone but must also request the accompanied minor service. When traveling with a low cost airline, children generally must be 16 years old or over to be able to travel alone, otherwise boarding will be denied. We always recommend that you check with the specific airline as this may vary from one airline to another.

14. How can I book a flight?

By using our easy to use flight search engine. 1) Flight search and availability. Enter your departure airport and destination, your desired dates and the number of passengers along with their corresponding ages (this allows us to apply any corresponding discounts). Remember that children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. If you would like to book a one way flight remember to tick the corresponding box. Indicate your flight class preferences (Economy, Business, First) and click Search flights. In the next stage we'll present you with a list of available flights, including flight details, possible combinations and stopovers. 2) Enter booking details. Once you've selected the flights, we'll give you a summary of the booking with the final price, including airport taxes and payment fees. If you have selected a low cost airline you must enter the number of suitcases you wish to check-in. We strongly recommend that you carefully check all details including the destination, dates and personal details before confirming your booking. 3) Booking confirmation. Once your flight/s have been confirmed your booking reference number will appear on screen and you will also receive e-mail confirmation.

15. Is flight availability shown in real time?

VersionOne Travels is constantly connected with hundreds of airlines via the internet and flight availability is updated almost immediately. Occasionally however, seats cannot be confirmed due to a connection problem or because the airline reservation system is not up to date.

16. What should I do if I don't receive a confirmation e-mail?

If you failed to receive the e-mail confirmation from VersionOne Travels we recommend that you check the "Junk" or "Spam" folder to ensure that it was not automatically filtered there. If you do not receive the e-mail confirmation and you cannot check the status of your booking online through "My Bookings" you must get in touch with us online through "Contact us".

17. Can I use my credit card to pay for a booking although I am not travelling?

VersionOne Travels may request written authorisation from the cardholder by email along with a scanned copy of the credit card and passport or an acceptable form of identification. Some airlines may request identification from the cardholder. In this case you may be required to present the original or copy of the document along with written authorisation signed by the card holder.

18. What is a low cost airline?

Low cost airlines offer flight seats at cheaper rates. This is because in many cases: they use secondary airports, they have strict luggage rules and often charge extra from credit card payments. In addition cancellation or modification conditions are more restrictive (they don't allow cancellations and any change to the booking are likely to incur a penalty). Please note that any changes you need to make to your low cost flight booking must be done directly with the airline. We recommend you visit the airline website and read the terms and conditions.

19. Can I change the name of a passenger on a flight booking?

Normally, airlines do not allow name changes, although there are some exceptions which incur an extra charge. Please visit the airlines website for more information.

20. Can I take my pet on board?

The transportation of animals is subject to airline's rules and regulations. As a general rule, low-cost airlines do not allow animals to travel. Check with your airline to find out their specific rules and restrictions for traveling with pets.

21. Can I have an invoice for my flight?

Of course, towards the end of your booking process you will have the option to request an invoice. You must fill out the fiscal details and we'll send you an invoice together with your confirmation e-mail once your ticket has been issued. If you forgot to do this or require an invoice at a later date, write to us via the CONTACT US section of the website and we will get this to you ASAP.

22. I experienced a problem when finalising my booking. What should I do?

The booking process may not have completed successfully due to several reasons. Before making another booking and to avoid a possible duplication, check your e-mail account to see if we have sent you your flight confirmation. You can also access "My Bookings" or click on "Contact us" on the website. In the event that no reservation has been made, try again ensuring that your card details are correct and that you finish the booking process within the allocated time.

23. How can I get the best flight offers?

Our flight search engine offers both low-cost and regular airlines making it possible to mix airlines and/or fares for each trip. TIPS: The earlier you book your flights the cheaper the price, prices usually go up the closer it gets to the departure date. Regular airline flights will generally be cheaper if you stay Saturday night in your chosen destination. During peak season, the beginning and end of the month tend to be more expensive. Flight offers tend to be available during the week and during off-peak times. Direct flights are more comfortable and quicker but are also more expensive. Cancellation, modification and refund conditions for each route are independent and vary according to the selected tariff and airline.

24. There is an error in my flight details, what can I do?

It's important that you take care when entering flight and passengers details. If you have received your flight confirmation and the information is incorrect please contact us as soon as possible on 08170000169. Alternatively you can send us a message online through "Contact us" indicating the booking reference number and a brief description of the error. For regular airlines, tickets issued on the same day can be cancelled. For low-cost flights you must contact the airline directly.

25. When will my credit/debit card be charged?

The payment process depends on the card used to make the purchase, the airline selected, and on the type of agreement between your bank and the credit card with which you make the payment. Payment is usually made immediately, however some airlines (especially low-cost) may take longer to process.

26. How many minors can travel with one adult?

Regular airlines generally accept the following number of minors per adult: One infant (seated on the traveller's lap). One infant and one child under 5. Two children under 5. To fly with more than two children under 5 please check with the operating airline. In rare exceptions (you must check with the airline) one adult is allowed to travel with two infants, if one infant sits on the traveler's lap and the other in a car seat that fits and locks into the airplane seat. Travel restrictions for unaccompanied minors: Minors travelling without an adult will never be accepted in code shared flights (when two or more airlines share the same flight). Unaccompanied Minor service will never be confirmed on flights that are not operated solely by the airline itself. Airlines will accept a maximum number of unaccompanied minors on a particular flight and they must all be confirmed in advance. The exact limit depends on each airline. Children under 5 will not be permitted to travel alone and cannot apply for unaccompanied minor service. For minors aged between 12 and 18 (young passengers) on international flights, assistance may also be requested and/or a special acceptance by the airline if assistance was not necessary (with extra cost). Unaccompanied minor will be accepted if they meet the following requirements: The airline has previously confirmed UM service during the flight. That an adult escorts the minor to the departure airport, makes the necessary arrangements for the boarding, presents the corresponding disclaimer document and waits until de flight has taken off. When the flight has a scheduled stop, the minor must be accompanied, it is his/her responsibility to ensure the minor boards the plane will all the necessary documents and waits until the plane has taken off. At this point the operating airline is responsible for the minor. The adult picking up the minor arrives at the airport at the scheduled time of arrival and has photographic ID.  Unaccompanied minors: it is not possible to make a booking for an unaccompanied minor through the VersionOne Travels website, as the conditions vary between airlines. You will therefore need to contact the airline directly. Unaccompanied minors on low-cost airlines: Low-cost airlines require children under 14 (or 16 for some low-cost airlines) to travel with an adult and must have all the necessary documents. Failure to meet these requirements the boarding will be denied. Low cost airlines do not offer unaccompanied minor service.

27. What can I do if I miss my flight?

If you fail to show up at the boarding gate on time you will lose your right to fly and the ticket is non-refundable.

28. What are my rights if the airline cancels my flight?

Please click on the link below and read the European Regulation 261/2004 regarding airline overbookings, cancellations and delays. http://europa.eu/legislation_summaries/consumers/protection_of_consumers/l24173_en.htm

29. What are the EU rules on hand luggage?

The European Union /EU) has adopted new security rules that restrict the amount of liquids or substances of similar consistency that passengers can take in their hand luggage through security at European airports. These measures apply to all passengers departing from airports in the EU whatever their destination. However, the new rules do not limit the purchase of liquids or substances in the shops (Duty Free) located beyond security or on board an aircraft operating within the EU. These measures apply from 6th November 2006 at all EU airports and in Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. You are only allowed to take small amounts of liquid in your hand luggage, which should be in individual containers and must not exceeding 100 ml. Each passenger must pack these containers in an easy seal clear plastic bag (bag of approximately 20 x 20 cm.), to facilitate inspection of these products at security. Passengers must obtain such bags before the start of the trip. For the purposes of the new law, fluids are considered: -Water including drinks, soups, syrups. -Creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, mascara etc - Gel. for example including shower gel and shampoo - Pastes, including toothpastes - Sprays and pressurized containers including shaving foam and spray deodorants -Aerosols - Any other item of similar consistence. Liquids must be presented at security in a clean plastic bag and placed in the tray provided, along with your laptop. Coats boots and belts must also be removed. Sufficient liquid/baby food and/or sterilised water for the journey can be taken through airport security. Likewise essential medicines for the period of the trip are permitted in larger quantities above the 100ml limit but will be subject to authentication and will require medical approval.

30. How can I make flight bookings with discounts for children and infants?

When making a booking you will be required to indicate the age of all passengers. - A young passenger under 2 is considered an infant. - A young passenger between 2 and 11 years is considered a child. - Passengers 12 and over are considered an adult. IMPORTANT: It is not possible to make a booking for an unaccompanied minor via the website. Please contact the agency directly via the CONTACT US section of the website.

31. Why have I been charged on two seperate occassion for different amounts for my flight booking?

This may be due to one of the following reasons: You may be charged for the flight directly by the airline and for the booking fee by VersionOne Travels. The sum of these two charges should always coincide with the total price of your booking. Or, if you paid for a flight with a debit card, there may be a temporary double charge on your card. This is a retention for the full amount of the ticket and will automatically disappear with 7-30 days.

32. Will I be charged extra if I pay by credit card?

Yes, some regular and low cost airlines charge an additional fee when paying by credit card. This fee will depend on the airline and the card type used. The fee is set by the airline and is independent of any offers, promotions or fees applied by VersionOne Travels.

33. My flight is delayed. What are my rights?

If the flight is delayed: - for two hours of more beyond it's scheduled time of departure in the case of flights of 1500km or less - for 3 hours or more for flights of over 1,500 km within the EU, and for other flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km. - for 4 hours or more for flights over 3,500 km outside the EU. The airline is required to offer you food, drinks, phone calls and hotel accommodation (with transfers) if necessary. For delays of 5 hours or more, the airline is required to provide alternative transport to your final destination and refund the corresponding amount of the service not used. For more information and details see European regulation 261/2004

34. What rights do I have in the event that I am denied boarding due to Overbooking?

Please click on the link below and read the European Regulation 261/2004 regarding airline overbookings, cancellations and delays. http://europa.eu/legislation_summaries/consumers/protection_of_consumers/l24173_en.htm

35. What does the system verify before confirming a booking?

In order to prevent fraudulent transactions your booking details are reviewed. We also ensure we have all the necessary details before issuing a ticket. If the bank does not authorise the charge, we will notify you via e-mail requesting you to double check that the details provided are correct and provide us with the details of an alternative card if necessary. If we are unable to contact you or we do not receive the necessary documents via e-mail or fax, your reservation may be cancelled.

36. What should I do if my luggage has been damaged or lost during the flight?

The airline is responsible for all checked bags, therefore we recommend you visit the airline's check-in desk or ground handling and fill in a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) before leaving the terminal, get a copy of this and take the handling agent's contact details. For damaged luggage the passenger should make a claim within 7 days.

37. Do I need to pay extra for excess baggage?

Most airlines allow you to take excess luggage by paying an extra fee at the airport. The price will vary depending on the weight, route and airline company.

38. Can I travel while I am pregnant?

Airlines recommend women do not fly after 36 weeks. In any case, if you are pregnant we recommend you check with your doctor before making a booking.

39. My flight is pending confirmation. What does that mean?

Although almost all flights are confirmed immediately, there is a possibility that some flight are returned as pending confirmation. This could be due to a number of reasons such as airfare changes, flight availability or a technical error. Our agents will investigate why the incident occurred and try to confirm the booking within 24-48 hours.

40. What happens if I have a return flight booking and I am not going to use any of the journeys?

Generally, if both journeys were issued on the same ticket, and one of them is not used, the other flight is automatically cancelled. That means: if you don't use your outbound flight ticket to get to your destiny, the airline will automatically cancel your return seat, and if you do use your flight ticket to get to your destiny but you don't use your return seat, you will not be able to claim for a reimbursement. If you are not planning to use one/both flight seats, you must inform us prior to departure.

41. Can I take my own wheelchair on the flight?

Generally yes, and it is not considered part of your luggage. It will be kept in the hold and you will be able to pick it up at the luggage area in your destination. This is normally allowed for manual wheelchairs. For electric wheelchairs with dry, liquid or lithium batteries, you must previously check with the airline. If you need assistance, please contact us to be informed of the process. When possible we will always try to help.

42. Can I take a pram/baby stroller?

YES, you can normally take prams for free and it is not considered as part of your luggage. Most airlines allow you to take it up to the boarding gate and from there it is taken to the hold. You will be able to pick it up at the luggage area upon arrival at your destination. Please note this may vary depending on the airline.

43. Can I book flights with low-cost airlines?

Yes, our flight search engine includes low-cost airlines. We remind you that in many cases low cost airlines are cheaper because, they use secondary airports, have more restrictive cancellation/modification conditions and almost always charge extra to check-in luggage.

44. Onboard, can I use electronic devices, such as a portable DVD player, iPod or MP3 player?

Portable electronic devices such as laptops, CD players, DVD players, ipods, ipads, mp3, mp4, mp5 can be used in-flight, but not during take-off or landing. For the comfort of other passengers, please keep the volume control on your device to a minimum.

45. Is there a meal service during the flight?

Most low-cost airlines do not include meal service in the price of the ticket. However, you will be able to buy food and drink onboard, at a cost. For long haul flights, meals are included with no extra cost.

46. Is smoking permitted on board?

No, smoking is not permitted on board.

47. How do I request wheelchair service when booking a flight?

Once you have made you flight booking you must send us an email through our website with the booking reference number requesting wheelchair service. Once the service has been confirmed with the airline we will inform you by email.

48. How long will it take to be refunded for a cancelled flight?

Airlines normally take between 5 to 8 weeks to make reimbursments.

49. I booked a direct flight but my itinerary shows there are technical stops. Why?

In some occasions (especially in long haul flights) flights are considered direct flights but may need to stop for technical reasons such as refueling or for passenger changes. We will inform you of all information received from the airline. VersionOne Travels is not responsible if this information is not published.

50. Can I save a flight price without booking it?

No, it is not possible to save a flight price. You can however save a search but the price is likely to have changed when you return to the saved search at a later date/time.

51. Can I make a group flight booking?

VersionOne Travels allows a maximum of 9 passengers per booking, and does not offer group discounts.

52. Can I take sports equipment on the flight?

Most airlines allow special items to be carried at an additional charge. Low-cost airlines are usually more restrictive with baggage, but normally allow special baggage to be checked-in at a additional cost and may include weight restrictions. We recommend to check the conditions of carriage for each airline.

53. I am experiencing a problem when entering the passengers names.

This may be due to the length of the name; most airlines have a limit of 28 characters. If your name is longer, you may need to put your first name and complete surname. Please ensure your name is entered as it appears on you ID or Passport.

54. Can I accompany a minor to the boarding gate?

Please check with the airline directly as you will need to be given authorization to pass security.

55. What type of pets are allowed on board?

It will all depend on the airline, but in most cases dogs and cats are allowed. Transporting exotic animals is generally not allowed. For exact information please check with the airline directly.

56. Why do some low-cost airlines charge different amounts for extra for luggage?

Some low-cost airlines charge more to check-in luggage during peak season. Please check with the airline for more information.

57. Can a pet travel without documentation?

NO. If travelling within Europe, an EU Pet Passport is required, if travelling outside of Europe you should contact the Embassy. For flights within Europe, all dogs, cats and ferrets must have a passport and, for identification purposes, be fitted with an electronic microchip or have a clearly readable tattoo, applied before July 2011. (Tattoos are not accepted by Ireland, Malta or the United Kingdom which only admit microchipped animals). All pets must be vaccinated against rabies and the details entered in their pet passport. The vaccination must be carried out after the microchipping or tattooing. From January 2012, specific tapeworm treatment must be given to all dogs by a vet before travelling to Finland, Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom. Details of the treatment must appear in the pet passport. Further info: http://europa.eu/travel/pets/index_en.htm

58. Can I request a specific meal?

Yes, most airlines allow you to request meals, as long as this service is included on your specific flight for that specific journey. Please contact us online via our website if you would like to check whether meals are included, add meals, or request a specific meal type. Please note meals are not included on low-cost flights.

59. Who takes care of my pet on long haul journeys?

Contact your vet as ideally pets should be sedated for long journeys. As a general rule airlines do not accept responsibility for transporting animals for connecting flights, therefore the animal should be collected and checked in again.

60. What are the Immigration Rules for children travelling to South Africa?

There have been some changes to South Africa's immigration rules. This will affect everyone who has children younger than 18 years when travelling to or from South Africa (with or without parents or guardians). The requirements apply regardless of nationality. The rules will come into effect on the 01st Oct 2014, so we strongly recommend that any customer impacted by this change brings the necessary paperwork when travelling. Where parent/s are travelling with a child - the parent/s must produce an *unabridged birth certificate for the child (copies are acceptable). And if both parents are not travelling, show consent in the form of an affidavit from the other parent, or a court order, or (where applicable) a death certificate for a deceased parent. Where a person is travelling with a child who is not their biological child - he/she must produce an unabridged birth certificate for the child (copies are acceptable), affidavit from the child's parents or legal guardian giving consent and copies of the identity documents or passport of the parents or legal guardian. Unaccompanied minors - must produce (i) consent for the child to travel into or depart from South Africa, in the form of a letter or affidavit from one or both parents or legal guardian (if only one parent then also a court order under which he/she has full parental responsibilities); (ii) a letter from the person who is to receive the child in South Africa, containing his or her residential address and contact details in South Africa where the child will be residing; (iii) a copy of the identity document or valid passport and visa or permanent residence permit of the person who is to receive the child in South Africa; and (iv) the contact details of the parents or legal guardian of the child. *An unabridged birth certificate is one which provides details of the child's parents.

61. Is there a policy that refers to electronic devices that are carried onboard as hand luggage?

Several countries, including Britain and the United States apply the following measures: All electronic devices (phones, tablets, laptops, e-books, video games, cameras, camcorders, etc.) as part of hand luggage, MUST have the batteries charged at time of boarding. Travellers are being advised to power up electronic devices in hand luggage as part of new security measures introduced at UK airports. Passengers are advised to bring their battery chargers in your hand luggage. The battery can be charged in the boarding areas. To avoid the risk of missing your flight or having your device taken away at security control, make sure it is fully charged and check that the airport you are travelling from has a charging point. If for any reason you have a device with a flat battery, charging points are available near security in most airports - so if you have enough time before your flight you should be able to charge it up.

62. Do I need a visa to fly to.....?

If you want to travel to: - China: Yes you need a visa. You must send your original passport by courier along with the completed form with two passport size photos (3x4cm) with a white background. The price will varying depending on the travel date. - Russia: Yes you need a visa. You must send your original passport by courier along with the completed form with two passport size photos (3x4cm) with a white background. The price will varying depending on the travel date. - Egypt: Yes you need a visa. Price varies. - Israel: Yes you need a visa. - New York: Yes you need a visa. - UK: Yes you need a visa. - France: Yes you need a visa. - Turkey: You need an Electronic Visa.