Business Travel

Every business traveler, sooner or later, experiences this scenario: Circumstances out of your control require your airline to cancel your flight at the last minute. To get where you need to be, you must re-book your flight, but you don’t know how, or you don’t have Internet access, or you don’t know where to find the options that might be available to you. And even though a travel agent booked your flight, it’s now after hours, or it’s the weekend, and you can’t reach the travel agent!

That scenario occurs countless times every day in the world of travel, but as a client of Version One Travels you will never be a travel agent’s victim. That’s because Version One Travels is a travel management business, not just a Travel Agent with the emphasis on management. Our service to you does not end once we purchase your tickets. And when we do purchase your tickets we also provide you with our private, client’s only, telephone number so that if an emergency of any type arises all you need to do is call us immediately. . . our agents answer our client phone 24/7 every day of the year. When that phone rings, we know a client is calling with an issue that needs to be resolved quickly and efficiently. Our agents have immediate online access to all of our travel suppliers and changes can be evaluated and confirmed while we have you on the line!

We address the needs of business travelers with an emphasis on quality and value, while providing maximum savings. From the moment of booking to the time a traveler returns, we will deliver the highest level of service and the greatest value.

That’s just one reason why you should partner with a travel management company, as opposed to a travel agency. At all times we will work with you to find the best options to meet your travel needs and protect your budget. We arrange it all, from air travel ticketing, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, meeting and conference requirements, whatever your business travel needs may be, we will meet them, and we will always do so with dedicated, savvy travel consultants who understand the importance of delivering outstanding customer service every time. Once you become our customer, we create your traveler profile in our system so your preferences are always within a few keystrokes. We’ll deliver your tickets online or in person, we’ll arrange your airport transportation, and from the time you leave your home or office we’ll be as close as a phone call until you return again!