FAQ - Refer & Earn

Q1. What is VersionOne Refer & Earn program?

VersionOne Refer & Earn program is to invite your friends to the VersionOne web and app. Once they register with your referral code, they will receive a promo code with earning up to N35,000. You will get a flat discount as soon as they travel through VersionOne.

Q2. How to generate referral code?

You will have to login into the VersionOne website with a verified mobile number to generate your promo code. If you do not have an account with VersionOne, create a new one.

Q3. Whom can I invite?

You can invite any of your friend who has never tried VersionOne before.

Q4. How do my friend and I qualify for this program?

You & your friend will receive the benefit of refer & earn only if you fulfill the below listed criteria-
- Make sure your friend's email and phone has never been used on VersionOne Travel’s website before.
- Your friend must register and then make first booking with VersionOne Travels on app or web.
- While making the booking your friend must use the promo code provided during registration from the referrer.
- You get referral promo code only after your friend has successfully travelled.
- App version of the you and your friend should be: android: 12.7.3 and above IOS: 11.0 and above

Q5. Will I be able to register on website with referral code and gain benefit?

No. Registering on mobile app will also be required.

Q6. Will I be able to use promo code on the website post successful registration on mobile app with referral code and then get benefit?

Yes. Promo code generated for new user can be used on web and app. Promo generated for referrer can be used anywhere (App & Web).

Q7. My friend has already registered & made a booking. When will I get a flat discount?

Once your friend has successfully traveled through VersionOne, send email to ph@versiononetravels.com that you will receive your discount.

Q8. What is the validity of Promo code earned by a new user through this program?

Promo code is valid for 3 months from the time of registration. Promo code should be used on the first booking on VersionOne or else it will expire and referral promo code will not be credited to friend.

Q9. What is the validity of discount earned by referrer through this program?

Promo code is valid for 3 months after the date of travel of the friend.

Q10. I am trying to register but I got a message ‘Phone Number or email already exist”. What should I do?

If an email or phone used during registration has been used with VersionOne before, that user will not get Refer & Earn new user benefits.

Discount is only applicable on bookings made by first-time VersionOne users on VersionOne platform. If another promo code is used during the first booking, this promo code becomes invalid from there on.

Promo code for the friend is valid for 3 months from the date of registration & the promo code for the referrer is valid for 3 months after the date of travel of the friend